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Wendy Carroll『Colours of home/故郷の色』

Wendy Carroll
『Colours of home/故郷の色』

Where is home?
For the last 16 years I have been living in Japan. My children have grown up here and it feels like home, but if someone asks me where I am from I say Australia. That is where I grew up and spent my childhood. That is where my family lives and probably one day I will move back there to live.

When I am here I talk about going home for the summer and look forward to seeing familiar colours and landscapes. The lush greens of the rainforest and the brilliant blues of the ocean. The red and orange ochres of the desert country and the grey green of the gumtrees .

When I am in Australia I talk about going home to Japan and looking forward to seeing the seasons change. To watch the hills around Kyoto change from the deep greens of summer to the fiery reds of Autumn. To see the brilliant white of fresh snow in the hills and the pale pink of new buds swelling ready for spring.

So where is home?

Home is both places. I have come to love and admire the unique colours of the Japanese landscape and have developed a greater appreciation of the variety of colours in Australia.







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